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 School Leadership Teams play(SLT) an important role in school-decision making and shape the path to principals, parents, staffs and administrators’ involvement in school culture. One of the primary responsibilities of the school leadership team is to develop and review the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) which is a tool for continuous school improvement planning.  

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Education Councils are essential to the success of NYC's public schools! Apply to run for a seat on an Education Council before March 13 at 13:59 p.m.  Please go to www.NYCParentLeaders.org to apply in any of the DOE covered languages.

This is a unique opportunity for all parents to speak up – not only for your community but also for your school and child! There is one council for each of NYC’s 32 community school districts, plus four citywide councils. If you are elected, you will have opportunities such as working directly with your superintendent(s), advising the NYC Schools Chancellor, and advocating for capital funding for schools in your district.


Applying is quick and easy at www.NYCParentLeaders.org! Call 212-374-1936 or email Elections2019@schools.nyc.gov with any questions. 

Education Councils