2018 Parent Symposium

D10 Parent Symposium 2018 (pdf)


Parents Light the Way

District Leadership Team

 Parents can sit on DLTs if they are on the President's Council. District Leadership Teams review Comprehensive Educational Plans for schools in their districts and develop district-wide plans. They also provide guidance and assistance to School Leadership Teams.

District Leadership Team representatives are chosen by their respective leadership groups. The presidents of the Borough High School Federation and the District Presidents’ Council are automatically members of their DLT.

DLTs must comply with the current Chancellor’s Regulation A–655.DLT Bylaws Template 

Community Education Council

 There are 32 CECs in New York City. Each one represents a Community School District that includes public elementary, intermediate, and junior high schools. Each CEC has 11 voting members. Parent selections and borough president appointments take place every two years. The next selection process will take place in 2015.

For more information, and to apply to be a Council Member, visit the Community and Citywide Education Council pages. 

Presidents' Council

 A Presidents' Council is an organization of PA/PTA presidents (or designees) that represents the interests of parents, and parent leadership organizations. Each community school district is required to have a Presidents' Council. Each borough is required to have a Presidents' Council for its high schools. Citywide Special Education (District 75) has a citywide Presidents' Council.

Get templates and resources for Presidents' Councils on the NYCDOE Presidents' Council Resource page

School Leadership Teams

 School Leadership Teams play(SLT) an important role in school-decision making and shape the path to principals, parents, staffs and administrators’ involvement in school culture. One of the primary responsibilities of the school leadership team is to develop and review the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) which is a tool for continuous school improvement planning.  

Parent Coordinators

The parent coordinator at your school can help you with many questions and issues.

Use the school search to find your school's home page. The name and contact information of your parent coordinator is on the right-hand side of your school's home page.

Division of Family and Community Engagement

 The Division of Family and Community Engagement fosters student achievement by strengthening partnerships between families and educators. Through leadership opportunities, training, and resources we aim for every parent to build their voice as they support and advocate for the educational success of all children.